Sticking with the same topic for an unprecedented two days in a row, here's more on YouTube's blossoming role in U.S. politics.

Depending on your biases and crystal ball, YouTube will be either:

  • The primary avenue going forward for political dirty tricks in the form of fraudulent, deceptive and misleading attack videos;
  • The ultimate lens through which we scrutinize the minute-by-minute behavior and foibles of the candidates … at a great price in terms of candidates' personal privacy and candor;
  • A tool enabling exciting new forms of engagement and dialogue in politics, enabling candidates to present themselves and their priorities in a totally unmediated, unfiltered environment, and enabling supporters to prosyletize in new and powerful ways;
  • The ultimate enforcer of candidate accountability, revealing any inconsistencies in positions and proposals designed to pander to different audiences; and/or,
  • The medium through which some unknown 26-year-old galvanizes the under-30 generation and diverts 5 million write-in votes from legitimate presidential candidates, arguably changing the outcome.

Here's YouTube in '08: Kingmaker and Heartbreaker, a good overview of how YouTube is now impacting political campaigning, plus Can YouTube Improve Politics?, an entertaining video sampler of online political video compiled by YouTube itself.

Look at this stuff, and think about how YouTube can be used to advance your cause or charity.


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