We’re seeing some discussion by fundraising consultants of their clients’ year-end results.

Here are two examples …

M+R Strategic Services (look for "Ups & Downs of Online Giving") talks about theirs … with interesting results from Oxfam America.

And Nick Allen of Donordigital makes some observations about number of gifts remaining steady, while average gifts decline. His point … donors hang in there, they just give less. Here’s what he says in his e-newsletter …

"Average gifts were down 20% to 35% in December 2008 compared to December 2007, but the number of donations was about the same. That’s what we’ve seen for several clients. The good news is that most donors continue to believe in the organizations they support. They continue to give, but — no surprise — they’re not giving as much as they did last year, especially at higher giving levels.

At the Target Analysis Internet Benchmarking meeting last week in New York, some organizations reported the same trend, while others reported year-end 2008 hit projections. Many groups were seeing a drop in $500+ gifts, which can have a big impact on average gift!"

Anyone else want to share?


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