People devoted to raising funds for nonprofit causes and charities do rather important work.

Sometimes when we get down in the weeds we forget that.

Here's a reminder Ellen Church, prez of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Company recently sent to her staff.

Whether you work as fundraising professional for a nonprofit or for an agency servicing that universe, her exhortation applies …

“We build movements of people who want to end poverty housing, end animal abuse, end hunger, end the disparity of basic health care in the world, protect constitutional rights, etc. This is the way we motivate people – not just to write the check or click “give now” on the website – but to get involved and feel passionate about the organization and to believe that they are part of a solution.

We don't just produce mail or raise money through direct response – we build movements that change the world. The work we do each day is not to get the mail out – that is just the mechanics needed to get to the end result.

What we do each day is raise awareness for the most relevant and important causes the world faces – and create communications that motivate people to care about other people (or animals) and to do their part to ensure that everyone has the right to live with dignity – feed their children, live in decent housing, receive a vaccine that costs 3cents and can save their life.

When you are approving the blueline, creating the art, writing the copy or agonizing over strategy today, remember that is the means to the end result. The end result we all hope for is leaving the world a better place than we found it.”

Well said, Ellen.


Disclaimer: The Agitator is a godchild of CMS.

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