Regular readers know we conducted an online survey last month of Agitator readers.

Here are the results we promised.

Experienced group: 85% have been in their current field more than five years; 65% more than ten years.

Nice balance: about 55% work for nonprofits, 30% with for-profits/service providers, and 15% are self-employed. Of the nonprofit folks, most work in direct marketing, followed by web/online strategy and general management.

Knowledge: readers report knowing a lot more about the “substance” of their organizations' work (e.g., external macro-trends, trends/concerns in their particular issue area) than they do about the “mechanics” that affect their work (e.g., relevance of new media, new technologies, even best practices).

For example, 73% give themselves top ratings (4/5 on scale to 5) on knowledge of trends in their orgs' issue area; 65% on knowledge of best practices in fundraising; 51% on knowledge of relevance of new media to their work; 49% on knowledge of new technologies that affect their work.

Not surprisingly then, only 30% rate their organizations either a 4 or 5 with respect to effectiveness at using new technologies to advance their work.

Info sources: 64% get their trade info “mostly online”; 10% “mostly print”; 26% “about even”. Virtually every respondent subscribes to an online newsletter in their field. About 56% subscribe to a regular blog feed (fewer to RSS feeds). And about 78% regularly scan work-relevant websites at their own initiative.

Finally, when our readers are stumped and need a breakthrough idea, the most frequent strategem is to brainstorm with others within their organizations (Hmmm! That sounds a bit insular). Second most likely course is browsing the web for ideas (OK, that's better). Third most likely is confering with a colleague in a similar organization.

So, does all this sound like you?

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