As we head into the US presidential choice, and candidates zero in on the final thousands of likely, but undecided, voters in America, the non-story is about those who are not likely to vote.

This report from Pew Research looks at the nonvoters, who in 2008 were 43% of the voting age population.

Here’s the demographic profile.

No real surprise: younger, less educated, less affluent. Hispanics make up a big chunk of the nonvoters. Here’s an interesting political analysis of that constituency.

As a group, the nonvoters are the constituency most likely to believe government should be doing more to solve problems (52%), as compared to likely voters (39%). And yet they will sit on their hands at election time.

Interestingly, Pew says a third of the likely nonvoters are actually registered to vote. There’s an opportunity.

Find yourself one of these ‘nonvoters’ in the next few days, and take them with you to the polls!


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