NYU's Wagner School of Public Service has released a new survey of public confidence in charitable organizations. Read it and you'll be able to ace this quiz.

  1. Overall, is public confidence in charities up, or down?
  2. Which problem is bigger: charities have the wrong priorities, or charities have difficulty spending money wisely?
  3. The number of Americans saying charities waste a great deal or fair amount of their money is up, or down?
  4. That number is 31%, 51%, or 71%?
  5. The most powerful predictor of confidence in charities is: confidence in the direction of the economy, or confidence in the Red Cross, or perception of waste in the charitable sector?

The Wagner folks are most alarmed that even individuals who profess a great deal or fair amount of overall confidence in charities are nonetheless disturbed. Of this more confident group, for example:

    • 81% say charities do only a somewhat good job or worse at spending money wisely;
    • 57% say charities do only a somewhat good job or worse at running their programs and services.

Not surprisingly, the report observes: “Individual charities must be vigilant about showing the link between dollars and impacts and becoming more transparent about their administrative costs.”

And we observe: Not exactly cause for high-fives all around!

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