I've been reading a blog called The Nonprofiteer lately with great enthusiasm. The Nonprofiteer is witty, provocative … at times ascerbic, and always has a point of view.

Here, for example, is author Kelly Kleiman's take on those corporate promotions where the company says, “Buy our product and we'll contribute to charity X.”

The Other People's Money idea arose in response to a commenter who defended the Bristol-Meyers-Squibb “you click and we'll give” campaign as “encouraging people to actually do something, rather than just sitting around bemoaning the state of the world. In that sense, at least, it's an opportunity to participate.”

Allow the Nonprofiteer to argue that letting George (or Bristol) do it is not doing something, and that the charitable sector is going to be hurting even worse than we are now if we insist on continuing to pretend to people that charity doesn't involve giving anything up.

The Nonprofiteer has views, always well argued, on nonprofit management and fundraising issues like whether $10 donors deserve to tell their charity how to spend the money, on whether foundations should be taken to task for how their funds are invested (versus whether they're actually spending enough of their bounty), on whether it's worthwhile for a nonprofit to convince McDonald's to use paper instead of styrofoam, on whether board members who don't contribute or fundraise should be tolerated, etc.

So far, The Nonprofiteer is batting about .500 with me in terms of occasions of agreement. Which of course is irrelevant. What matters to The Agitator is that she agitates, and does it so well. Look forward to arguing with her from time to time.

Take a look.

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