By far the biggest buzz at this week’s Association of Fundraising Professionals conference concerns the landing of Ted Danson as the spokesperson for the Flehner-Lathrop Syndrome Foundation.

Says FLS Foundation director Paula Brooks: "Before this, the closest thing we had to a celebrity afflicted with FLS was a cousin of Al Jarreau’s. Obviously, this is a big step up."

Adds FLS Foundation director of communications Mark Knoll:

"I know of diseases that afflict 10 to 20 times as many people as ours, and they don’t have a spokesperson anywhere near as big as Ted Danson. I mean, look at cardiofibrilitis – 1 in 20,000 Americans are afflicted, and all they’ve got is Alfonso Ribiero. Talk about low-wattage advocacy."

For the full story, go to The Onion. I pray that Agitator readers know what The Onion is!


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