Nick Allen of Donor Digital impartially (his firm wasn't involved) commends this online campaign from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Called Science Idol, the campaign gives activists the chance to vote on a winning editorial cartoon dealing with political interference in government-sponsored research and reporting. 18,000 citizens chose from a dozen finalists. And here's the winner, created by amateur artist and University of Evansville history prof, James MacLeod …

The finalist cartoons have been used to create a 2007 calendar, providing UCS with the perfect on-message premium to support their direct marketing and public education efforts, and for direct sales. We're impressed with the campaign, and we think you will be too.

So we put these questions to campaign impresario Michael Halpern, who wins Agitator's latest “You deserve a raise” citation:

    • How did this idea come about?
    • What constitutes “success” for the project?
    • How/where did you promote the campaign?
    • How many folks have voted for a cartoon?
    • In hindsight, anything you would have done differently?
    • Has there been any key learning from the exercise?

Michael's answers follow …

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