Today, great news (depending on your perspective).

Response to our ‘Kill’ or ‘Continue’ The Agitator proposition has come down decidedly on the side of ‘Continue’. So, The Agitator lives on.

We think that’s great news, and we sincerely thank you for your early, encouraging support. We are pledged to make The Agitator more and more stimulating and helpful.

Of course, the ‘bad’ news is that this means The Agitator is going behind a paywall. Hey, we’re just following your votes.

Which means that The Agitator will be available only to paying subscribers. You’ll recall our unique offer: You decide how much The Agitator is worth — $15 (minimum) or $15,000 per year, whatever, and pay that amount. You choose the price.

You might want to subscribe right now.

If you don’t subscribe, you will still get 10 ‘freeviews’ of The Agitator’s content before The Wall blocks your access. You can use your 10 ‘freeviews’ in 10 minutes or 10 days or 10 months … whenever. But once you viewed 10 items for free, The Wall goes up for you.

OK, maybe to you that’s bad news.

So we’ll soften it with a bit more good news.

Instead of our planned launch date of 1 July for The Wall, we are delaying the launch until Monday the 8th of July. Not because we’re especially generous, but because we know lots of Agitator readers in the US and Canada will be celebrating Independence Day and Canada Day, respectively, with a long break from work.

And as you know, if a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one around … !

But if you happen to be at work this week, we hope those who haven’t yet decided to subscribe to The Agitator will choose to do so.

Whether or not you pay to subscribe, you will continue to receive our usual weekday articles emailed via Feedblitz, like this one. However, starting 8 July you will only receive an abbreviated preview version.

Sorry to be a tease, but that’s what The Wall is all about. Making our content exclusive to the most dedicated fundraisers.

You’ll continue receiving the preview version unless you opt out of the Feedblitz feed. Of course, we hope you won’t do that! We’ve enjoyed and appreciated having you as part of The Agitator tribe.

There’s no finer tribe in the fundraising biz. Stick with us!

Roger and Tom

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