Max Kalehoff is my man. He's VP of Marketing at Nielsen BuzzMetrics, a firm specializing in measuring consumer-generated media (you know, like blogs and YouTube videos). Never met Max, but find him a constant source of superb insight into how to measure and analyze consumer behavior. Our previous posts on consumer engagement and “happy losers” were inspired by him.

For our readers who aspire to really understand their members, donors and activists, Max's thoughts on Ten Trends Transforming Marketing Measurements is “must read.”

Bottomline: as consumers become more digitally-engaged and more empowered in terms of their own ability to “send a message,” marketers must enter a new era of listening. There's more to hear and observe … yet at the same time consumers are more elusive and marketers are in less control of the message.

Here's a shorthand summary of the trends, but you'll need to read the piece.

1. Digital network adoption

2. Attention erosion

3. Speed of measurement

4. Democratization of data & analytics

5. Observation measurements

6. Unstructured data

7. Beyond demographics

8. Customer-centered measurements & planning

9. Data integration comes of age

10.Reevaluating relationships with whom and what we measure

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