Santa's helper Claudia Zorn, whose day job is at GetActive, has been bugging The Agitator to steer folks toward socially-responsible shopping this holiday season.

So now that we're down to the desperate last week or so of shopping, we figure it's time for some online gift purchasing.

Our favorite online gift catalogues come from Oxfam America and The Heifer Project. Through either, you can give a gift that will provide sustainable tangible support to a developing world family. A cow for $75, a veterinary field kit for $35, a lamb for $120, a “Basket of Hope” filled with chickens and rabbits for $50 … and more expensive choices like a “improve a well kit” for $1200.

If you can stand actually going to a store, another way to support a worthy cause is to make a gift of one of the many products associated with Bono's RED Campaign. From Gap apparel to IPods, a wide range of cause-dedicated products has been assembled where proceeds pass to the global fight against AIDS.

And of course you can always spread goodwill and support good works by simply following your mouse to your favorite charity and making a special year-end contribution online … in fact, make it a monthly gift.

So go out and spend!

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