Roger's post about “thank you's” to donors got me wondering … how do you thank someone adequately for a $30 BILLION+ gift?!

Shouldn't we ALL write notes to Warren Buffett? Should (did) Bono or President Bush call him … or award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Should every newspaper, magazine and newscast in the country … in the world … commend his generosity? Checking via Google, it appears most did. From the United Arab Emirates, here, with an excerpt below, is what the Khaleez Times had to say:

“Dear readers, we have to admit it. When it comes to charity and the spirit of giving and caring, the rest of the world cannot beat the West. You never come across rich individuals in the Third world making such generous contributions despite their enormous riches. This only happens in the West.”

Should we all just thank god he's not a right-wing nut?! (Buffett, that is.) The only folks I can detect who are unhappy about Buffett's gift are some grumps from the anti-choice, anti-family planning movement.

Actually, as fundraisers with our own goals to meet, maybe we should all just thank god that it wasn't a matching gift!

Once upon a time, when I was running a tiny “save the world” non-profit for Ted Turner, I received a call out of the blue from Warren Buffett. He said he was impressed with what Ted was up to and just wanted to give a token amount to show his support … and was sending a check for $50,000. I stammered a meek thank you (couldn't squeek out an up-sell). This at a time when many folks I approached to support Ted's cause responded as one very wealthy Wall Street fellow did: “Tom, I support what you're doing, but sending money to Ted Turner is like sending coal to Newcastle!”

Fortunately, Mr. Buffett doesn't think that way.

Thank you Warren Buffett.

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