No one knows for sure what makes for great viral marketing. And those who claim to know are usually wrong.

One thing’s for sure, the message and the technique not only have to shock or surprise they have to glide along on top of the current wave and capture the moment just like any great surfboard champion.

Well, with the wave of concern over the soap opera that’s become the U.S. presidential race –dramatized in extemis by the Vice Presidental choice of John McCain– the climate is ripe for the “concerned”, the “interventionists” and the plain “off the wall.”

I’ll leave it to you to decide what category the following falls in to. Whatever your choice, please be aware that my mailbox alone this weekend received more than 120 copies of this –about 5 times the normal traffic on this sort of thing.

All the emails arrived in my box with the same Subject line: “Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands.” Followed by a short and simple message: “Check this out, new movement to elect a different kind of president.”

That brief text is followed by this link:

Regardless of your own view of the presidential and vice-presidential races, I can guarantee you that tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of folks are shooting this off to friends and family even as I write this.

I only regret that this ingenious piece doesn’t lead to some action like voter registration or even an offer of asylum to all of us from the Canadian government. But then, we do know that if you “tell them what to do” that probably won’t work.


P.S. The truth is if he weren’t so old and could also shed his unfortunate habit of undiplomatic candor and speaking the truth, Tom would make a great candidate.

P.P.S. Don’t be modest. Click on the link and enter yourself –or even your dog or cat – into the race. Ain’t democracy fun? More importantly engage in some analogies and think how you could use this in campaigns and other special donor involvement events.

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