We noticed on Seth Godin's blog that Acumen Fund is looking for a Chief Development Officer.

From what we know of Acumen Fund, this is not a job for a “been there, done that” development officer. The Fund has a decidedly entrepreneurial style, and we suspect the right candidate needs to be a breaker of molds. If that's you, and you want to make an impact on reducing global poverty, have a go at them! But you need to act fast.

Here's their pitch on the job …

We are looking to quickly fill the role of Chief Development Officer at Acumen Fund. In summary, this individual would sit on the senior management team and be primarily responsible for the organizations revenue generating activities to ensure a funding base for Acumen Funds investments as well as operations. He or she would also be heavily involved in setting the strategic focus for the organization.

Prior fundraising experience would certainly be beneficial in the role; however we are also looking for someone with a strong track record of managing and building systems and who would be excited by our fast-pace entrepreneurial environment.

Given the need to fill this position quickly we will be accepting resumes until next Friday, December 8th and would like to fill the role by January 1. Please contact our Talent Manager, Deepti Doshi (ddoshi@acumenfund.org) if you are interested and feel free to send this out to others who you think may be a good fit.

Great organization! Can they make this decision inside a month? That'd be truly impressive!

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