Today our US readers will likely be away from their desks marking the Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama and the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But elsewhere in the world, especially in the UK, we want to call your early attention to an extraordinary Fundraising Summit we hope will serve as a much-needed model elsewhere around the globe — Bishopsgate Institute, London.

Mark you calendar. Alert your CEO, CFO and key members of your board. Raising Extra Billions—Changing the Rules of Fundraising to be held on 22 April at the Bishopsgate Institute is a ‘must attend’ for UK nonprofits, and frankly, for any nonprofit leader anywhere in the world willing to head to London.

This is NOT another fundraising conference. Rather it’s a day-long exploration of the barriers that prevent nonprofits from raising billions — yes, billions — more in voluntary income.

The Agitator, not given to sponsorship of most conferences, is making an exception for The Summit. Why? Because this is a quite different and serious effort to challenge — and offer alternatives to — those sacred cows that must be put out to pasture if income for our sector is to grow.

The Summit’s goal is nothing short of triggering fundamental change in the culture of fundraising. Its organizers — Giles Pegram, CBE, a leading European fundraising thinker and consummate hands-on practitioner, and Dr. Adrian Sargeant, a leading authority on donor motivation and loyalty — have assembled an all-star cast of hands-on specialists with the skill, experience and guts to set the change process in motion.

Change in our sector doesn’t come easily. Most charity leaders and managers balk at taking on new mindsets and initiatives without cast iron research that proves new, and different, investments will pay off.

In a day-long session that promises to be spiced with punchy presentations and dynamic dialogue, Summit speakers will offer this ironclad proof. Proof behind the essential steps that must be taken with donors in order to raise billions more.

Click here to see the all-star lineup of experts drawn from fundraising, communications, accountancy, economics, management and donor insight and loyalty.

In these times of massive political, economic, social and technological change, continuing on the ‘business-as-usual’ course will prove deadly. On the other hand, if our sector can bring itself to apply the cutting-edge research and proof of new approaches that work, charities will be able to deliver far more income than ever imagined.

Transforming our sector to meet a brighter future won’t happen by osmosis. The participation of those with the power in their organizations to effect change is essential. They must listen, and they must be heard. The Summit promises to be that kind of event.

So, take a moment right now and forward this post or The Summit link to your CEO, CFO, and key Directors.



P.S.  This is no ‘pie-in-the-sky’ academic event. Each speaker will contribute detailed, practical insights in their field of specialty. As a result, attendees will get a rare view of solutions required to effect a turning point in fundraising.

Attendance for this unique event is quite limited, so register or reserve your place as soon as possible.

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