No, not the financial kind!

The Washington Post, in an article fittingly titled In Fundraising's Murky Corners, details the shameful shennanigans of Linda Chavez, who managed to raise about $24.5 million through a series of PACs, but disbursed only 1% for their stated purposes — “fight to save unborn lives,” fighting “big labor bosses,” and attacking “liberal politics in the country.”

Abetted by her husband, Chavez (a one-time Bush nominee for Labor Secretary) raised these funds over a four year period via direct mail and telemarketing. In other words, from trusting small donors who believe passionately in these causes.

Now The Agitator has no sympathy for these causes, but we do have deep respect for the right of individual citizens to pursue their political beliefs by contributing to PACs, candidates and advocacy groups.

These are the average citizens Chavez screwed, undermining the political process in a fundamental way.

For that, she should be put in stocks … the wooden kind! Maybe at the base of the Washington Monument. The $262,500 in Federal Election Commission fines she is quietly paying is not commensurate with the offense, and permits her to dismiss the sordid business as a mere reporting matter.

The point of stocks, physical discomfort aside, was public humiliation. That seems a fitting punishment for a political player who basically conned her fellow citizens. And not just any citizens at that, but folks with whom she claimed profound moral common cause. In other words, a friend stabbing a friend in the back.

Are we clear about where we stand?!

Roger & Tom

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