We've had this vague itch to scratch for days now.

But it took this post by B.L. Ochman to put the issue in perspective and spur us to action. Dr. Hiroshi Kyosuke absolutely and succinctly nailed the case.

Plus, with Al Gore championing Planet Earth, the rest of us need to take up the cause for the underdog. Our agenda has singular focus … Bring Back Pluto!


    1. As Dr. Kyosuke observes, there are much higher priorities on the demotion list.
    2. Seniority should count for something.
    3. If Senator Inhofe supports Pluto's demotion, it's got to be fishy.
    4. Can we really afford to change all those textbooks, solar system charts, and spaceship navigation systems?
    5. If Pluto bites the dust, what's to save Neptune, or Mercury?
    6. A reversal of scientific truth like this can profoundly damage the credibility of all science, putting many of our most treasured beliefs on the slippery slope of doubt and suspicion … next it will be gravity or evolution.
    7. This is too important for scientists to decide anyway.
    8. Do we really want to start an unprovoked war with the Plutonians?
    9. William Shatner has agreed to sign our fundraising appeals.
    10. Would you like to be blind-sided this way?

Warning: Any one of us could wake up tomorrow and find ourselves Plutoed.

Help build the case. Send us your ideas on why and how to rescue Pluto ASAP. Recommend a snappier name or tagline for our organization. And if you'd like to contribute to People for Pluto, we'll be happy to send wire transfer instructions.

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