As the 2006 election season heats up, vendors of online TV ads are promoting their new tools to campaigns. Online video advertising is blossoming alongside the deepening penetration of broadband access in the home. Seems like a no-brainer to me — a marriage of fine-tuned targetability and the impact of video. But it's new so campaigns are resisting. Joe Trippi, where are you?!

Here's an excellent report on the subject from

Online video ads should be a no-brainer for cause fundraisers and advocates as well. To the impact of video and the targeting capability, add the ability to immediately capture the donor with one click! The international child welfare groups have demonstrated that conventional direct response TV ads can work (especially in the economic context of soliciting dependable monthly gifts). Online video offers better targeting and lower placement costs (low CPMs).

Who's going to be the first to experiment?

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