The Target Analysis Group has just released the Index of National Fundraising Performance for the 1st Quarter of 2006. It shows declines in most key measures of giving when compared to the 1st Quarter of 2005.

  • Number of donors fell by a median of -4.6%
  • Revenue remained essentially flat, falling by a median of -0.6%
  • New donor acquisition fell by a median of -5.5%

The report notes that “these declines were not, however entirely unexpected. As we have seen in previous quarters, the Asian tsunami in December 2004 generated unprecedented levels of non-profit giving during the first quarter of 2005….At least a large part of the declines in key measures this quarter can likely be attributed to donors returning to a more normal giving pattern.”

Read the Executive Overview carefully 'cause there are some interesting — and potentially troubling trends revealed. For example, all-important retention rates

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