It's good to remember that long before the birth of the internet and its open and marvelous culture of sharing information we fundraisers, like some medieval guild, took seriously the responsibility of continually educating each other while raising up the next generation.

Through conferences, newsletters, seminars and just simple telephone calls there's always been a willingness to share case histories, best practices and, yes, sometimes even embroider successes.

October is an especially busy month for this sort of thing. The 2006 Public Broadcasting System's Development Conference with 800 fundraisers and 70 sessions kicks off the conference season in Baltimore on October 4th. At mid-month The International Fundraising Workshop, now in its 26th year will attract 1,000+ fundraisers from 40 countries to the Netherlands, while out in San Francisco the Annual Direct Marketing Association Conference will draw thousands more.

I'll be presenting at PBS on Donor Loyalty, at the IFRC, on Emergency Preparedness and at the DMA on Donor Loyalty. Guest Agitator Kristin McCurry will present her insights on gender-focused and family philanthropy at PBS and DMA.

BUT…I digress. The point is that there are literally hundreds of fundraisers who devote thousands of hours sharing experiences at conferences like these. And, none is more generous with his time than Mal Warwick of Mal Warwick Associates.

I've known Mal for 30 years. He has unbounded energy and enthusiasm for our craft. And what I admire most is his commitment to continuing education. Through his books, speeches, his social ventures work and his unstinting attendance at conference after conference he gives back to the profession far more than he's ever taken from it.

Do yourself a favor, subscribe to Mal Warwick's Newsletter and you'll see what I mean. Thank you, Mal.

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