We promised The Agitator would take a serious look at the accountability issue as it applies to nonprofits.

But we can't resist having fun first.

Here are our Top 12 factors NOT to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of a nonprofit …

12. Has the hottest celebrity endorsers.

11. Has the funkiest offices.

10. Has the flashiest annual report.

9. Has a profile of you in the annual report.

8. Has the lowest overhead.

7. Has the biggest budget.

6. Has the highest (lowest) paid staff.

5. Has the cutest kids pictured in its brochure.

4. Is the oldest (newest) group in its field.

3. Promises to ask you for money only once a year.

2. Holds the best charity ball.

1. CEO invites you to swim in his heated pool.

Roger & Tom

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