On the HuffingtonPost blog today, Washington insider Marty Kaplan laments the fact that the Network of Spiritual Progressives must buy its way into the NYTimes with an ad costing $154,000 or more. He writes:

“What's odd is the monopoly on elite attention that the prestige press seems still to maintain. You'd think that new technology would by now have created a way for Rabbi Lerner and those who agree with him to get their viewpoint into the media mix, without his having to raise and spend a couple hundred grand.”

I think it's possible that reaching elite eyeballs — the Influentials as Roper calls them — might indeed get even more expensive, not less, as time goes by. Sure, there are more and more media channels out there … you can blog, you can podcast, you can do online video ads, you can bare your soul (or whatever) on YouTube or MySpace. But still, today, if you need to reach the small number of Americans who shape so much of what the rest of us think, you'll need to penetrate a handful of media outlets that aggregate and deliver the Influentials.

The producers and reporters at CNN read what the editors and reporters of the NYT write, who watch what the producers and reporters at CNN broadcast … and around and around it goes.

This won't last forever.

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