Sue Woodward sends this report based on a survey her firm, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, conducted with Harris Interactive. The sample consisted of adults who volunteered, donated or advocated for a nonprofit in the past twelve months.

Sue's main takeaways:

1. Your website is your storefront … make sure it is attractive, informative and free of clutter.

2. Go beyond the usual e-appeals and e-newsletters to donors … invest in creating interactive communities.

3. Place clear third party endorsements such as the BBB, Guidestar, etc. on your home page.

And some numbers to note:

  • 62% of adults surveyed link directly to an organization's website to find out information about the organization before donating.
  • 46% of donors age 65 and older prefer receiving information about organizations they support via the mail … that number falls to 25% for those age 30-39.
  • Counter to the impression of many, even donors age 65+ spend an average of 16 hours per week on the internet.

As we see it, the moral of the story is: With direct mail still a very appealing channel for many donors, but online engagement strong with younger and more affluent donors, nonprofits really need a well thought-out integrated approach to be successful fundraisers and communicators.


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