Is your real world spinning out of control? Need to escape?

Or are you generally on top of things and just looking for new challenges?

Then enter the latest new worlds of online 3-D virtual reality. Create a new identity, furnish an apartment, set up a business, launch a nonprofit, run for office, get married, buy and sell stuff, go to a concert. In short, get a (new) life!

Here are the two leading virtual worlds in which to create the new you.

Second Life is a virtual community with almost a million citizens.

But it's nothing in terms of penetration to South Korea's Cyworld. Nearly one-third of all South Koreans, 15 million, are members of Cyworld … the percentage jumps to 90% of all individuals in their late teens and early twenties! Here's the U.S. Cyworld community for you non-Korean speakers.

Next time you try a direct mail or online fundraising test that bombs, or an activist recruitment campaign that fails, you can always tell your boss: “Well, it knocked their shoes and socks off in Cyworld!”

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