In his Changing the Air Travel Story post today, Seth Godin speculates that less and less business travel is inevitable, given the latest terrorist threats and resulting precautionary measures.

I never liked to fly, and for years made my weekly business trips from DC to NYC on the Metroliner. As a result, I watched one morning from a railcar in the Jersey Meadowlands as the Trade Towers burned.

I was fortunate to work at a place that had invested in state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities connecting our principal offices. Lots of meetings occurred through that venue, saving lots of time and money. And of course there was a robust intranet, online remote access to the mothership archives, and so forth.

And now there's Skype, and other tools for collaboration and connectivity.

It's probably prudent for most non-profits to take stock at this juncture and assess their ability to conduct business in a “no-fly” environment. Could you do it now? What tools would you need? What face-to-face contact is essential? What processes of collaboration, program implementation and decision-making would need to be altered and how?

You owe it to sound management and, more importantly, your employees' peace of mind.

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