The Agitator is often asked for advice by readers working in smaller to mid-sized nonprofits, where limited staff and resources mean folks are juggling many responsibilities and solutions need to be straightforward and more "off-the-shelf."

We honestly can’t do justice to each request, but we try to be useful. And in particular we watch for sources and resources that we think can be broadly helpful.

So today here is an excellent article, Email on a Budget, on managing email communications in a smaller organization … Where to start? What’s most important? What tools and training are available?

The article is written by Melinda Krueger, director of email marketing at OgilvyOne. So we suspect she’s seen it all! But she’s managed to serve up very practical advice for all of us who find ourselves occasionally in the "chief cook and bottlewasher" role … a role that can get really messy and frustrating when technology is involved!

Here Melinda responds to a query from a communications manager who "does it all" for her art museum.

Hope you find her advice helpful.

Roger & Tom

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