Face it. Nothing sends more shivers up the line from Membership Director to CEO to Renewal mailing #1 isn't performing as well as last year!” Prospecting returns ebb and flow. We sigh. But nobody can tolerate an underperforming renewal series. We panic. Wouldn't we all enjoy donor retention rates marred only by death! Wouldn't we like to see the hard-earned, expensive new members and donors we recruit each year actually top-off the barrel of our house file, instead of barely plugging the leak at the bottom?

What happens during that exodus of first year donors who never renew their giving? They can't all have suddenly suffered amnesia or financial misfortune, can they? Small gift fundraising works economically for one reason only an appreciable proportion of initial donors give again, and again, and again. They renew gifts and memberships. Is it too much to suggest that donors indeed become loyal, like sports fans, Harley bikers and bourbon drinkers? Here is a DonorTrends white paper, based upon proprietary survey research, examining some of the issues surrounding the Holy Grail of donor loyality.

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