Two awards to highlight for meritorious online campaigning and marketing.

The ePhilanthropy Foundation gave its “Best Integrated Online/Offline Campaign” award to Greenpeace International for its “No Whaling Virtual March” in June 2005 in conjunction with the 57th International Whaling Commission held in South Korea. Over 60,000 supporters from 123 countries participated in the event online by submitting photos of themselves with banners expressing their views on whale hunting policies worldwide. The images were then projected in a plaza near the Commission's venue, helping to draw attention to Greenpeace's opposition to increased whaling.

We second the emotion by giving Greenpeace International our latest “You Deserve a Raise” citation.

Meantime, Ad Age gave its “Digital Marketer of the Year” award to Nike for its adroit use of the online medium in a wide variety of marketing applications and promotional campaigns — from a super smooth online shopping experience, to elaborate co-promotions linking Nike's Zoom Plus sneakers and Apple iPods into a virtual training experience, to a World Cup soccer campaign, “Joga Bonito,” with online videos viewed globally more than 110 million times.

How many nonprofits can match the marketing resources of Nike? None. Then what's the relevance? Stimulating your creative juices.

Spend a half hour browsing the Nike website and you'll be WOWed. In fact, if you hold the online marketing portfolio at your nonprofit, you should have a half dozen or so websites of savvy corporate marketers like Nike bookmarked, so you visit them periodically to observe the latest in cutting edge online marketing. There are lessons to learn in branding, design, direct marketing, integrated marketing, online technology, cause marketing and more. You can't spend like Nike. But you can be as smart and creative.

Just do it!

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