Hopefully as 2012 ends, your year-end fundraising has gone gangbusters!

One HUGE 3-day weekend left.

If it hasn’t gone so well, ask yourself these questions …

How well do you know your donor? Did you make them feel good?

Sure, in retrospect, you might have tried this or that different tactic … maybe a 3x matching gift instead of a mere 2x would have turned the tide. Or a bigger Donate button.

But more likely, if your returns are disappointing, you probably weren’t standing in your donor’s shoes when you (or your henchmen) crafted the appeal. What did your appeal promise your donor that would have made him or her feel good about giving? As you re-read your messaging, if that promise doesn’t hit you hard, right in the chest, then your problem is clear.

You haven’t figured out yet that giving is about the giver.

So, whether you’re feeling good — or not so good — about your returns, or those you’ve helped produce for your clients, make this New Year’s Resolution now … “I’m making 2013 the year of the giver.”

All the best to you and your givers — may you together have a rewarding year ahead.

We’ll do our part. We look forward to more agitating with you.

Roger & Tom

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