Latest Fundraising Success mag offers a series of articles on corporate sponsorships, the best of which offers seven tips on how to approach and structure mutually beneficial partnerships.

Historically, corporate sponsorships were just a fancy name for corporate contributions, like buying a table at the annual fundraising dinner. And there's nothing wrong with hitting on businesses for some cash!

But the corporate/non-profit dance has gotten a lot more sophisticated. For their part, corporations are seeing plenty of proprietary data confirming growing public demand that businesses conduct themselves in socially responsible ways. Just making a $$ contribution doesn't cut it anymore. Now companies are expected to abide by humane labor practices at home and abroad, mitigate their environmental impacts, protect customer privacy, champion diversity and so forth. Companies realize they need brand goodwill, and they are prepared — indeed expect — to do more than write a check for mention in the dinner program or annual report. They want high visibility association with the causes and charities they support.

Meanwhile, smart non-profits are recognizing that consumer-facing corporations can offer benefits potentially far more valuable than cash. The first that comes to mind

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