Over the next two months we’ll be working behind the scenes on changes and additions to The Agitator. Changes in how we organize and present information.  Additions to our content and additions in the opportunities for reader engagement.

Our editorial content will primarily focus on our view of the changes we see as essential if nonprofits are to thrive—new answers to old questions and new answers to new questions.

On the reporting side we’ll concentrate on applying the principles of Behavioral Science to fundraising and communications. Our goal is to highlight research findings and illustrate ways to apply them in the everyday work of our readers.

Hopefully, we’ll spur some folks to do some things better and differently. For those who don’t want to change we’ll at least make the job of standing still more interesting.

Expanding and deepening the offerings of The Agitator requires additional talent and resources.  DonorVoice, a sister company that has long provided us with research and insights, has generously stepped up to offer even more research, more subject-matter specialists, some essential financial underpinning and most importantly, a voice on the changes needed and how to get there.

I’ll share far more detail as we move forward with the design and build of the “new” Agitator.  But for now, I wanted to share with you that change it is a ‘comin’.  And, I’m charged up.

The Next 60 Days.

Now to the intermediate future—the bridge between today and the launch of the new Agitator content, website and other goodies.

There are four main subject areas or themes The Agitator will concentrate on in this “bridge” period: Behavioral ScienceOnboardingTesting…and Metrics. Each involves essential theories and functions required for sustained growth.


…Nick Ellinger, a veteran fundraiser, blogger and VP of Marketing Strategies at DonorVoice will join us in exploring these subjects. You can learn more about his philosophy and why he’s volunteering for this Agitator assignment in About Us.

I know you’ll be both pleased and challenged by Nick’s insights. As the former VP of Strategic Outreach for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) he understands the challenges and barriers faced by staff fundraisers.

As a writer/researcher/blogger for the DonorVoice blog he’s done terrific work in producing thought-provoking, action-changing work.

As a DonorVoice staffer he’s part of a series of exciting pilot projects being conducted by major nonprofits applying new approaches and achieving exciting results.

The Week Ahead.

It’s not too late to put some practical Behavioral Science findings to work in bolstering your year-end results.  So, here are this week’s coming attractions:

Matching Gifts.  Tuesday, December 5th we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of the vastly misunderstood and oft misapplied concept of Matching Gifts. See why in “A Soggy Box of Matches.”

Reaching Year-End Goals , December 6th  find out how you can put powerful the concept of “goal proximity” to work in your final year-end efforts. “Getting to Your Year End Goaaaaaaal”.

Donor’s Mental Mason Jars, December 7thAfter reading this you may want to drop the “same old, same old” in favor of something new.  This will explain why in “Exceptional Results from Exceptional Expenses”.

Early Thoughts for the New Year, December 8th.  “New beginnings” is a potent concept that motivates us all.  You’ll see why, and how you can put it to use in “Getting a Fresh Start for Your Organization.”

Next Steps 

As we work our way through this bridge period I’ll continue to weigh in with the occasional rant,  fundraising oddity, or some piece of urgent news that deserves sharing.

Meanwhile, have a good week.  And please don’t hesitate to pass along your suggestions and comments.



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