As usual, Seth Godin, revolutionary that he is, offers a provocative insight when he argues that serious change to the status quo, in any institutional setting, needs to come from the outside. Provocative? Yes. True? I'm not convinced.

Here in part is what he says:

Inside most fields, we see pitched battles between a few people who want serious change to reinvigorate the genre they love–and the masses, who won't tolerate change of any kind

History has shown us that the answer is crystal clear: if you want change, you've got to leave. Change comes, almost always, from the outside. The people who reinvented music, food, technology and politics have always gone outside the existing dominant channels to create something new and vital and important.

Seth rarely applies his thinking explicitly to the political and cause world, at least on his blog. When I consider that world, I can think of many cases where crucial, even radical, change has come from the inside. Some examples:

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