Brian Reich at Cone has written this helpful series of profiles on the following cause marketing initiatives:

  • Alliance for Climate Protection (Al Gore's project)
  • “Start!” — a campaign of the American Heart Assn to combat adult inactivity
  • Timberland's multi-faceted integration of philanthropic objectives into business practices
  • Dove's “Real Beauty” campaign aimed at improving the self-esteem of teen girls

The article also links to this media release on the 2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey.

Surprise, surprise … more than ever, consumers say that pro-social business behavior is important to their purchase decisions. And as employees, people want to see their companies act responsibly … and visibly so.

Some different numbers from the survey struck The Agitator though:

  • 22% have used the internet to engage in grassroots activism
  • 37% have gone online in search of issue information
  • 38% have forwarded issue messages to family and friends

Reich's article is pretty basic … best for beginners taking a first look at cause marketing.


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