Here are the quite varied reactions we've encountered to the philanthropy combine of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates:

  • Will become an excuse for government inaction “Let private philanthropy do it.”
  • More unborn babies will die because Buffett has traditionally supported abortion rights and family planning.
  • Will inspire other super-wealthy to give ushering in a new Golden Age of Philanthropy.
  • Will shame other super-wealthy to give ushering in a new Golden Age of Philanthropy.
  • Will inspire people to donate at all giving levels.
  • Will discourage “average folks” from giving, feeling their gifts will be an ineffectual drop in the bucket.
  • Will help bring more accountability and results-orientation to giving, as business-like discipline and ROI mentality are brought to philanthropy.
  • Will lead to misguided, uninformed or inappropriate initiatives if Gates Foundation doesn't take the trouble to confer with other practitioners.
  • What makes anyone think the Gates' know anything more than other, more directly experienced players about wise strategies to tackle the vexing problems they are targeting?
  • Smart in business doesn't necessarily translate into smart in solving global health problems, despite Buffett's admiration of Gates.
  • At last, critical mass to take on some serious issues whose solutions are within sight.
  • Throwing money at a problem won't necessarily fix it danger here of “too many resources” resulting in wasted effort.

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