While everyone has been watching Al Gore's high profile campaign to educate America about global warming, another media project of the unofficial President has been going well also.

According to this in-depth profile in the San Francisco Chronicle, Gore's Current TV, his cable and satellite TV network, is turning a profit and reaching 30 million households.

Current relies upon video pieces generated by aspiring filmmakers, citizen journalists and rank amateurs. Unlike Youtube, where videos go online unfiltered and regardless of quality, videos produced for Current must first be submitted on the channel's website, where online viewers vote for the ones they like best … then the most popular graduate to the TV broadcast.

Current is presently offering a $100,000 “Seeds of Tolerance” prize for the best film submitted on tolerance and diversity. That's not peanuts!

Maybe you should check out Current as a medium for your message.

I think Al deserves a raise!

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