Since The Agitator has many readers from the environmental community, I thought we'd pass along the 2007 enviro predictions of David Roberts, thoughtful and witty chief writer for Gristmill.

A stimulating list.

He actually thinks Gore will announce he is NOT running for president (I'm guessing Roberts is really positioning himself to predict a dramatic Gore reversal in 2008). And he thinks the white hats' efforts to craft a sensible farm bill for the first time in history will fail … I disagree on both of those.

Two predictions I especially agree with: carbon offsets will become a routine part of our lives, while Wal-Mart, almost single-handedly, will bend its suppliers and consumers – hell, the entire economy – toward the path of environmentally friendly production and consumption and energy use.

Take a gander. And if you have a list of predictions in your field you'd like to share, The Agitator will be happy to publish them!

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