That’s how many online videos were watched in the US in December, making it the biggest viewing month since measurements began, according to the latest figures from comScore.

One in three views occurred in a Google site (3.2 billion on YouTube). The next closest competitors, Fox Interactive Media and Yahoo, had less than 4% each. Online videos were watched by about 141 million unique viewers, or 77% of all US internet users. The average online video viewer consumed 72 videos in the month, with an average duration of 2.8 minutes.

Additional data from comScore divides online video viewers into three usage levels, with the top 20% of viewers watching a whopping 14 hours of video per month. While heavy use of YouTube is characteristic of all viewers, the top 20% also make heavy use of specialty video sites like,,, zShare, and

The next 30% of viewers drop to one hour and seventeen minutes of monthly viewing. After YouTube, these viewers tend to favor the online sites of major broadcasters.

The bottom 50% of online viewers watch only 6 minutes of video per month.

It looks like comScore and partner Media Contacts are developing a taxonomy of online viewers — Content Explorers, On Demanders, Sight & Sounders, Television Devotees — but unfortunately the released data didn’t elaborate much on this.

We’ll watch for more info.


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