For those who’ve long suspected that Tom and I are throwbacks, here’s you’re proof.

For those who believe social media is by and large bullshit, here’s your proof.

And for everyone else, no matter what you want to prove, here’s a great new social media parlor game. Have at it.

Let me explain.

The Swedish gender equality group has just released a terrific new tool called Twee-Q. You won’t be able to resist putting it to work on behalf your friends and against your opponents. Get snarky.

Here’s the deal.

To mark the publication of The Public Woman, her new book on gender roles and inequality, British writer and activist Joan Smith teamed up with Crossing Borders, the equal opportunity organization.

Since gender equality is a perennial hot topic on Twitter, they designed a thought-provoking, interactive self-assessment tool that shows what proportion of a Twitter account’s re-tweets were of  recent comments issued by men or by women.

The determination of gender is made via an English and Swedish dictionary of first names. A score of 10 is the perfect “Twee-Q” — meaning equal balance between men and women.

Always curious, we began with our own Twitter handle: @agitatoreditors. And scored a pitiful 1.4, meaning we re-tweeted 88% men and only 12% women. Tom clearly needs some remedial education. And the Twee-Q site itself delivered our results with the following admonition: “Find some more Tweeters to follow and repent.”

Chastened, we then looked around and ran scores on some of our friends. Here’s what turned up:

Top Rated: Nancy Schwartz (@nancyschwartz) at 9.4, meaning 52% men and 48% women. Tied with Katya Andressen over at Network for Good (@katyan4g), also at 9.4.

Next: Pamela Grow (@pamelagrow) 8.8 — 53% men, 47% women.

Then we checked on Kivi Leroux Miller, a big Twitter presence in our world, but the handle we had (@kivim) wasn’t found by Twee-Q.

Nancy and Pamela both beat out the National Organization for Women (@nationalnow), and sure whipped Sarah Palin (@sarahpalinusa) with her 6.0.

By this point I was raging at Tom, who smugly or defensively said, “Well, just check out Jeff Brooks over at Future Fundraising Now.” I did. (@jeffbrooks.) He scored a 6.0 — 63% men, 37% women. Damn!

And what about the trade publications? Fundraising Success: 2.4. Non Profit Times: 3.8. And The Chronicle of Philanthropy: 6.0.

As I write, a view across all of Twitterdom who’ve played with Twee-Q so far reveals this gender ‘balance’: 920,633 female; 1,706,345 male.

Like most social media play things I have no idea what any of this means, other than it’s fun and interesting. It lets you interpret the results however you wish. Maybe you can even turn it into a money-making “Like” on your Facebook page.

Take a look at Twee-Q. Start with yourself and then let us know what you think.


P.S. Tom, until we get this cleared up, you’re getting a time out.


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