Fundraising consultancy The Stelter Company argues that fundraisers should be targeting a younger age segment than traditionally the case for planned giving.As reported in Fundraising Success, they have conducted a study indicating that 41% of adults prepare a will by the time they reach age 40, and that the percentage bumps up to a whopping 84% for those age 40 and younger with average annual incomes over $100,000.Our own DonorTrends 2008 survey yields a somewhat more conservative picture. We found that 21% of active post-Boomer donors (those born after 1964, making the oldest age 44) have a will, and that slightly over a third of these have already included a charitable gift.Still, a sizable segment, about 8% of post-Boomer donors … and indicative of serious potential. Fully 59% of the post-Boomer donors (compared to 32% of all adults) say they would anticipate including a charitable gift if they made a will.”How low do you go” age-wise in introducing planned giving options to your current donors? Do any Agitator readers make a specific appeal targeting younger donors for planned gifts?Tom

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