Moms spend $2.1 trillion annually and control 85% of household spending.

In certain categories of nonprofits, we suspect a lot of your donors are moms, for example, child welfare & international child sponsorship organizations, certain health charities, the environment.

Here are some observations, based on a six-month online networking project with millions of moms, about how moms perceive and respond to marketing, from two marketers who specialize in the “mom market” …

  • Moms are active online as moms, turning to each other frequently via online networks
  • Given perceived shortcomings in the educational system, moms view themselves as educators
  • Moms want to raise “good citizens,” conscious of healthy products, the environment, programs that promote philanthropy
  • Three “Rs” are important to moms — reduce, reuse, recycle … to appeal to moms, it pays to be an environmental leader
  • Moms appreciate opportunites and tools that let them share their opinions and experiences

Ten lessons in all, each with marketing implications.

Another analysis focuses on what the researchers call the “Family Decision Maker” — women in the 35-44 year age bracket, and notes that nearly 13 million of these women are creating content online. More than the 8.6 million doing so in the vaunted 18-24 year bracket. And these women generate far more page views against their content than younger social networkers, while remaining more loyal to the social networking platforms they choose.

The article concludes:

“The Family Decision Maker is engaged with the content she is creating online, growing her audience and with it her sphere of influence, and staying put.”

Does your nonprofit have any moms on its web team?

Roger & Tom

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