We all want to be popular. We want our causes, charities and organizations to be popular. So, how popular is yours … especially compared to your competition?

One fascinating measure can be provided by Google, with a tool comparing the frequency of use of any given search term — including the name of an organization — against any other given search term. You can see the results in various time frames, as well as by country/region.

Not exactly scientific brand awareness research, but fun nonetheless for rough comparison purposes. Our Quiz: Who do you think wins these various face-offs?

  • Sierra Club vs. Greenpeace vs. World Wildlife Fund?
  • Harvard vs. Yale vs. Stanford?
  • ACLU vs. Amnesty International?
  • Cleveland Clinic vs. Mayo Clinic vs. Johns Hopkins Hospital?
  • Habitat for Humanity vs. UNICEF vs. American Red Cross?
  • George Bush vs. Hillary Clinton vs. Bill Clinton vs. Al Gore?

Or, customize this “quiz” for yourself. Be honest. Can you resist putting your own organization into a few face-offs?!

Try a few. Have fun!

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