Pew Research reports that use of online video has increased 45% in the past year.

As of December 2007, 48% of all internet users report they have visited a video-sharing website.

The usage patterns are not surprising. Online video usage …

  • Decreases from youngest to oldest age segments (only 16% of age 65+ use);
  • Increases with education (54% of college grads use); and,
  • Increases with income (60% of $75K+ income use).

Growth in usage is fastest, however, in the over-30 age segments, with usage by those in the age 50-64 segment (roughly corresponding to Boomers) growing 58% since December 2006, while growth in the more saturated age 18-29 segment grew 27%.

Still, online video use amongst the under-30s is 70%, compared to the virtual Boomers at 30%.

Usage by women has also surged by 59% over the past year.

And 14% of Americans say they have posted their own videos online.

I'm prepare to speculate that if your core donor or member is college-educated and has broadband access … they're a user … and your nonprofit had better be as well.


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