USA Today online has an interesting series of articles on charitable giving and fundraising.Some are profiles and data based on the paper’s original reportage and research provided by Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. For example, the Center says that the average American household contributed $1,753 to charity in 2004, and provides a state-by-state breakdown of average giving (as well as donations of volunteer time).Results of a survey on giving conducted in September (after the financial meltdown was in full melt) by USA Today and Gallup are also reported.The good news is that, according to this survey, fully 77% say they intend to give the same amount or more to charity in the coming year.Overall, the survey reports that 65% of American households contribute to charity, and 18% have done so online. In our own DonorTrends 2008 survey, we found that about the same percent (62%) made charitable gifts, but that about 30% reported making online donations.Lots of good material in the USA Today online coverage … USA Today deserves a raise!Tom 

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