Here via Ad Age are some tips from the neuroscientists at Nielsen Neurofocus on communicating to Boomers … you know, the people with 70% of the net worth in America.

According to Neurofocus …

Color Within the Lines: Boomers can have trouble processing visual presentations that are too complex, and fail to see stuff around the borders.

Try Sound: Boomers are more likely to struggle retrieving words on the ‘tip of the tongue’, so brands should use mnemonic devices to aid memory.

Beware The Gender Gap: Boomer women do read, particularly competitive comparison ads, while men don’t respond to text-heavy ads.

And perhaps most pertinent to fundraising …

Don’t Threaten: Boomers are more likely to pay attention to positive emotion in ads, so scare tactics are less likely to work. They’re also less likely to fall for alarming messages like ‘last chance to buy’.

As a Boomer myself, I find I’m more receptive to marketing messages after a stiff bourbon. Then I’ll try anything.

Thanks to Stephen Hitchcock for the link.


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