Today The Agitator releases the first in its new series of DonorTrends White Papers. These papers are available to subscribers to The Agitator’s new Premium service.

The first paper is titled Giving Across Generations: Issues That Appeal. It examines the levels and focus of charitable giving of three segments of US donors:

  • Seniors – born before 1946
  • Boomers – born 1946-1964
  • Newbies – born after 1964

The data in this paper is drawn from an extensive online survey of 1,500 donors we conducted earlier this year. Much of the response data is directly comparable to the similar survey research we conducted in 2006.

Among the findings:

  • Strongest growth in giving since 2006 has occurred among Newbies;
  • Boomers are the enigma, declining in both percent giving and average gifts (we offer a theory as to why this might be occurring);
  • The "hot" giving category across all generations is animal protection and welfare;
  • The top areas for advocacy giving going forward appear to be family values, environmental protection, advocacy for the needy, and human rights.
  • The most significant future challenges to America perceived by donors are falling educational achievement, coping with global economic competition, and the inability of the political system to deal with major urgent issues.

There’s plenty more analysis of generational differences and similarities in Giving Across the Generations: Issues That Appeal, as well as specific actionable recommendations for adjusting your fundraising accordingly.

Roger & Tom


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