Thanks to Convio and JupiterResearch, nonprofit fundraisers have new and valuable insight into the expected online giving of Americans in the upcoming holiday season.As we read the data, the news is good: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!For this report prepared by Convio, Jupiter asked 175.6 million adult online users in the US about their online giving intentions for the holiday season. Here is just a sampling of the reassuring response:

  • 51% say they intend to give online to charities;
  • 24% of these say they will give $100 or more;
  • Even of those who say their financial situation is worse than the previous year, 46% say they plan to donate;
  • 61% say they will give about the same amount as last year, 6% say more, 33% say less.

Who will they give to?

  • 53% to faith-based charities;
  • 43% to human and social services;
  • 37% to disease research and health services;
  • 37% to animal welfare;
  • 31% to international relief and disaster assistance.

Again, keep in mind, all of this data refers to expected online giving. Hence this question:Is your online operation ready for the opportunity?Get the full report here from Convio. Get it now!Tom

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