A recent post by Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention reminded The Agitator just how valuable MarketingSherpa is.

Gail was touting Marketing Wisdom for 2007, their annual compilation of best marketing lessons. All sorts of marketers submit items about something they learned in the previous year, and the editors at MarketingSherpa pick out and publish the best … this year 110 tips in categories like email marketing, social networking, podcasting, blogging, websites, as well as traditional marketing and advertising.

We just saw their 39 picks for best email marketing in the previous year — best opt-in campaigns, e-newsletters for marketing purposes, direct sale and lead generation offers, e-welcomes, automated series, best tests, and more … all with informative write-ups and RESULTS.

Indeed, what we like most about MarketingSherpa is reliable data, data, data. Tons of marketing stats and benchmark data you can use for planning, presentations, etc. Over 700 case studies. Over 2100 creative samples. All kinds of marketing.

MarketingSherpa is not an agency pitching business. They're a “research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not).” Anyone can submit material, but MarketingSherpa writes its own case studies and reports in-house after reviewing results information and interviewing the principals involved.

Some material is available for free, including a free e-newsletter with 237,000 readers.

But accessing most of their research requires an annual subscription in the $400 range. They offer a free trial period, group memberships, and promise to refund your fee on a pro-rated basis if you decide to cancel your subscription at any time.

We can't think of a better radar for nonprofit marketers wanting a steady source of fresh market-tested ideas.

Roger & Tom

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