Faithful Agitator readers know how much I admire the survey work of Pew Research. When it comes to insights into media and technology use, political attitudes, and social trends, they’re top rate. So why does their study of public esteem for various professions bug me?

Because they don’t include fundraisers, or even a broader category like NGO/nonprofit/charity workers! Maybe they’re just afraid that, as statistical outliers, we’d blow every other profession off the charts. Or maybe they don’t realize we are a $300+ billion sector (as measured by giving) deserving of inquiry.

The same thing happens when they ask about various online behaviors, like watching videos or posting content … they never ask about donating online. Or when they ask about areas where consumers expect to raise or lower their spending (e.g., dining out, subscribing to magazines … why not ‘donate to charity’?!). We’re always left out in the cold.

I’m bitterly disappointed. We in the fundraising biz have feelings too! We’ve got to be held in higher esteem than lawyers, despite the scam wing of our profession!

So here, despite that glaring omission, are the latest public esteem rankings.

Does anyone out there know anybody at Pew Research? Please get this message to them: Donating/giving/fundraising/volunteering are major American activities … include them in studies like this!


P.S. Where do you think nonprofit workers would fall on the chart above? I’d say between doctors and scientists.

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