If you’re not spendng most of the Thanksgiving holiday traveling, here’s some food for thought over your quiet moments. Something to worry about longer term than making your 2008 fundraising targets!

Pew Research has released its detailed analysis of voters under age-30, based on exit polling from the recent election.

Here are some numbers that caught my attention:

9% of these "youngsters" donated money to a presidential candidate

[If Obama and other candidates could do it, why can’t your nonprofit excite this demographic enough to earn contributions?]

Just 62% of these voters identify as white, while 18% are black and 14% Hispanic. In 2004, this group was 68% white; in 2000, 74% white.

[Can your nonprofit appeal to a far more diverse population than it traditionally has? What would it take?]

69% of this group, compared to 46% of Boomers and 41% of those 65+, believe in activist government — "Government should do more to solve problems" versus leaving more things to businesses and individuals.

[How does your nonprofit and its strategies match up against this liberal worldview?]

And from a different Pew study, this one exploring internet use in the campaign, check out these generational differences …


Probably your organization is not dependent now on under-30s for its financial solvency. But what loyalties will these folks have developed by the time you are ready to woo them?!


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